Kensington, PA has some great places to eat, drink, dance, and enjoy live music. A night out in Kensington is unlinke any other, and below are some of our favorite hot spots!

Bourbon & Branch

705 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA
If you like whiskey, cocktails, and live music, you'll have fun at Bourbon & Branch. This popular bar has some of THE best whiskey cocktails in the area. Creative and unique cocktails made with various whiskeys is a perfect way to start your night of bar hopping in Philly! Try the Irish Jolly or the Liberties Lemonade (two of our favorites!) Prefer beer to whiskey? They have plenty of that too!

Front Street Cafe

1253 N Front Street, Philadelphia, PA
Front Street Cafe is a wonderful little cafe with something for everyone. We love this spot for dinner and drinks (may we suggest the Whiskey Sour and Apple Smash cocktails?) and for bunch (the vegan eggs Benedict and fresh smoothies always seem to make the day better). The ingredients are organic and locally soured, so you can count on the food always being fresh and delicious at Front Street!

Les & Doreen's Happy Tap

1301 E Susquehanna Ave, Philadelphia, PA
This fantastic dive bar is the type of place you can hang out any day of the week. The casual, fun atmosphere is perfect for hanging out with your friends whether you're celebrating a birthday or the weekend. They have karaoke some nights and a DJ or the Jukebox on others. Beer is cheap and the cocktails are delicious. Stop by Les and Doreen's during your next bar hopping adventure!

Soy Cafe

630 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA
Soy Cafe is one of our favorite little restaurants. As the name might imply, it's a vegetarian spot, but the food here will be appealing to anyone (the soy chicken wrap is amazing and the servings are generous). The atmosphere is laid back, prices are low, and service is friendly. If you're looking for something delicious but still health-conscious, Soy Cafe is a great choice. They do not serve alcohol, but they do have decadent desserts and coffee, both of which are things we appreciate after a night out!

Soundgarden Hall

520 N Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA
Soundgarden Hall is a live music venue/dance club. Great electronic music you dance to and great prices on drinks. Some events are only 21+ so check the vents before you go. If you want to have any dancing during your night out, then definitely head on over to Soundgarden Hall!

Atlantis, The Lost Bar

2442 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA
The best dive bar in the area! We LOVE Atlantis! They havet he best happy hour specials and delicious cocktails. The atmosphere is laid back and service is friendly. If you want a bar you can hang out at for a few hours, have a few beers or cocktails, and enjoy great conversation with interesting people Atlantis is your spot.

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