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Philadelphia Limos is located in a gorgeous city which is filled with exciting events, passionate people, and fantastic businesses! As a visitor or resident, you'll find this to be the perfect combination for a thriving city that is a both joy to visit and to live in. You can bet that a Limos Philadelphia limousine is more than able to make any adventure, experience, event, or happenstance better with the very highest level of professional transportation services!

Anybody can benefit from the professional transportation offered by Philly Limousine! When you ride with us, you're getting rid of all of the worries that you would be concerned with otherwise. Things like bad traffic, road closures, getting directions, and finding a designated driver are gone with the wind when you book with us. We take care of all of the inconveniences so you can have a great time above all else.

While the vehicles are what brings clientele in, our great employees are responsible for maintaining the world-class level of accommodation that we are able to provide to the great people of Philadelphia on a daily basis. Without our astoundingly passionate staff, we would simply be "just another limo company". Instead, we are the industry leading company that we are today. We would certainly not be here without the greatest staff in the area to serve your every need!

Our affiliates in the limo industry would be more than happy to help you with any future requests for service while you are out of the area. Be sure to check out Denver Area Limo for Colorado or Atlanta Limos in the south. For Michigan service visit Grand Rapids Limos or Ann Arbor Limousine.

Our Limousines
  • 18 Passenger H2 Hummer Limousine
  • Ambient neon lighting is sure to set the mood for the night!
  • The convenient bar areas makes enjoy drinks a breeze!
  • The handcrafted leather seating is enjoyable to relax into!